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In the world where Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem are the Beatles, LMP (la musique populaire) is, at the very least, the Raspberries. Their bubbly sweetboy nintendopop takes them all over the stylistic map, like a shiny neon Brill Building on the space station Mir.

   A Century of Song 6-cdr box
   Honey Honey Honey Honey cdr3
   Sugar Cone cdr3
   Show Some Heaven to Me Baby cdr3
   Our Birthday cdr3
   Ding Dong cdr3
   Love Conquers Alda cd
   Meeting Up and Making Friends cdep
   The New Body Language cdep
   Aunt Canada cd

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Lord Eric Haugen
Lord Eric Haugen is an occasional solo artist who is much more comfortable in the fuzzy futureworld cocoon of LMP. The self-proclaimed 'Rudy' of pop, Lord Eric is determined if not always precise. His autobiographical pop is just a way of putting off writing his memoirs.

Soma Sex Dreams cdr
   Mary Forrest Pretty Please cdrep
   l8r sk8r cdrep
   We Can Rebuild Him cdr
   The Breakup Record cdr

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Lord Eric

Walkathon is the precocious child star in all of us, someone you're jealous of but still want to hug. He forms half of LMP, but flies solo when the spirit moves. His style might be described as Todd Rundgren Babies, Jeff Lynne Stops Caring, or Paddy McAloon's Afternoon Nap.

Misguided Missile cdr
   The Outside cdr
   You Are Number One cdr

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Wildcat of the Week
Wildcat of the Week is what happens when punk rock kids grow up and find that they've become their English teachers. Steve Jordan has traded in electric for acoustic since his days rocking skate parks in Tiny, and with Lord Eric along, has produced a quickie, sorta countryish ep.

Threadbare and Wound Down cdrep

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Lakitu Youth
Lakitu Youth is the outlet for Bill O'Brien's intensely personal yet extremely catchy alt-pop songs. This kid puts the "college" back in college rock. Currently, Bill is auditioning potential ex-girlfriends to ensure subject matter for the second album.

Lakitu Youth cdr

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Lakitu Youth

Family Lifted
Family Lifted was a much-beloved Chicago funk band with deep-pocket grooves and soaring vocals courtesy Miss Ava Fain and Sarah McKinney (occasional LMP guest stars). Later, members of the Family would form two more great bands, East Village Project and Magnesium.

Family Lifted cdep

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Family Lifted flyer

Of all the Benders to ever rock a stage, our Bender was first and far bendier. A power-pop supergroup featuring members of LMP, Sheriff Derek & the Deputies, and Bendigo Shafter, Bender left us but one fine ep so you can see what the fuss wasn't about.

Who Wants to Rock? cdep

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Bendigo Shafter
Bendigo Shafter was a sweet summer fling. Together for only a few short months, they played two shows one weekend and then recorded an album the next. The album is like sweet summer fling sex: not too intense, a little awkward perhaps, but really passionate and full of bold, new noises.

Number One cdr

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Bendigo Shafter

Geoffrey Goeden & His Go'den Orchestra
Legendary British library composer Geoffrey Goeden has released many albums with his "Go'den Orchestra," the most obscure of which ended up on Polyholiday mostly due to confusion on both sides of the deal. His easy-listening flair brings a new dimension to LMP's music.

Play the Hits of LMP cdr

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Geoffrey Goeden

Juicy Melon Jim
Onetime member of LMP, late-season star of Tiny, ringleader of Bendigo Shafter, and second-fiddle of Bender, Jim Harper has always shined most in his solo work as Juicy Melon Jim. His lo-fi, alternately humorous and desolate music is a milk truck of Jandek crashing into a water tower of White Stripes.

Juicy Melon Gems cdr

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Ring showcases the angsty industrial side of the multi-talented Tom Garza, drummer for The Rave, Lost Gentlemen, Bendigo Shafter, and occasionally LMP. Ring is the sound of walking into a dark basement where your demons will be more than happy to fight you.

That Hideous Strength cdr

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Sheriff Derek
Moody and mysterious, reclusive and cantankerous, Sheriff Derek is the Tascam Elvis, endlessly creating his own private Sun Sessions in bedrooms and seedy motels. His music is kind of like Tom Petty heard the Moldy Peaches and said, "Shit, I can do that!"

No Breaks cdr

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Sheriff Derek

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