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Geoffrey Goeden & His Go'den Orchestra
'Play the Hits of LMP' cdr


Beautiful Noise
I Ain't Goin' Back
I Love You, Ryan
Auf Wiedersehen
Where's the Zamboni?
The Power of Pronouns
Vainglorious Dixie Carter
Hairy Men Stare at Me

PHCDR013 originally released 1997; reissued 2004.

Geoffrey Goeden & His Go'den Orchestra: Geoffrey Goeden (arranger, conductor, piano).

Produced by Andrew Lloyd Bridges.
Engineered by Arthur & Gilda Bannister.
Creative consultant: Dennis Goeden

From the Polyholiday vaults, we've unearthed a super-rare Geoffrey Goeden recording that saw extremely scarce release back in '97! Goeden, the well-known British library music composer, created these orchestrated instrumental versions of LMP songs, intending it only as a demo. Strangely, most of the LMP songs he covered were never officially released by LMP! Something got lost in translation as the tapes went back and forth across the Atlantic, but now we present the album in a newly remastered edition with enhanced packaging. Definitely one of our weirder tangents, this one.

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