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Wildcat of the Week
'Threadbare and Wound Down' cdrep

   $3 PHCDR010

Tears On Your Overalls
Wolf's Happy Dream * full mp3 *
Wrapped in Perfect
Hijo de Quito
A Perfect Time

PHCDR010 released 2002.
30 copies pressed.

Wildcat of the Week: Steve Jordan (guitars, vocals, percussion, harmonica), Lord Eric Haugen (vocals, banjo, piano, vibes, percussion).

Lord Eric on Threadbare and Wound Down:

One day quite out of the blue, in fact I think it was my birthday, I received an email from Steve Jordan, who I knew from back in the day. Steve used to play in Tiny, who would have been huge had they formed five years later. Anyway, Steve wanted to record some songs before moving to Africa. Of course I'm all over that.

We turned out this ep in three or four short, very relaxed sessions. We talked about randomness and happy accidents and literature and art and romance and music, and we drank iced coffee and ate raspberries. It was fun.

The songs were all Steve's, I just helped run the board and played the occasional instrument. He said we were a band. Well, who am I to argue!

It's a nice postscript to Steve's Tiny years. The songs are still political, the lyrics are still intelligent, the music is mellower, sure. And then there's the Wolfappella."

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