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Lord Eric Haugen
'We Can Rebuild Him' cdr


Hello Hooray
Everyday's My Lucky Day
Comebacks Don't Come Easy
She Changed Her Name
If You Were to Run For Student Council
Getting Better
Indie Rock * full mp3 *
Civil War Underground
Peanut Butter Party
That Man He Could Feel
Naked Sprint to Freedom

PHCDR005 released 2002.
25 copies pressed.

Lord Eric Haugen (instruments, drum machines, vocals) 
Guest stars: Aaron, Charlie, Emily, and Jessica (handclaps on 'Indie Rock').

"Bubbles over with McCartneyesque spirit … he may just be a musical-criminal mastermind in the making." - Splendid

Other Lord Eric releases:

  • 'Soma Sex Dreams' cdr (2004)
  • 'Mary Forrest Pretty Please' cdrep (2002)
  • 'l8rsk8r' cdrep (2002)
  • 'The Breakup Record' cdr (2001)

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