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Lord Eric Haugen
'Soma Sex Dreams' cdr


The Street
Weekend Down
Ain't No Moonshine
The New Age
Last Mistake
The Bagpiper
Andy & Lou #1
I Don't Wanna Be a Marketer
Cool For Piazza
I Would Still Die 4 U
I'm So Bored With My Garage Band
Andy & Lou #2
A Song

Cover art  

PHCDR014 released 2004.

Lord Eric Haugen (instruments, drum machines, vocals) 

Lord Eric on 'Soma Sex Dreams': I recorded this for the National Solo Album Month project, in which artists were challenged to write and record a full-length album within the space of November 2004. Though I had many good unrecorded songs stockpiled, I challenged myself to only use newly created material, which brought me back to my earliest days of 4-track recording, when it didn't so much matter how good a recording was as simply the fact that you were recording.

I got a very late start on the project, since most of November was dominated by releasing LMP's 'A Century of Song' box set. I cranked out six songs in the LMP studio in one evening, and cobbled the remainder together at home, where my equipment is limited to a boombox with a built-in mic and a couple of recording programs on the computer.

I had lots of fun doing it, and while the end result is a good deal sloppier, lower-fi, and sometimes just more wholly dubious than something I'd ever consider releasing publicly, I figured I'd share the experiment with whomever might want it. Enjoy!

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