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Juicy Melon Jim
'Juicy Melon Gems' cdr

   $5 PHCDR008

Everywhere I Go (I Go in My Pants)
You Can't Get Into Hell Unless You're Dead
Sitting Pretty
Box of Socks
Make Me Smile
Moon River
The Ballad of Johnnny Feisty
Fishing Purse
Drawing Breath
So Mad
Jen Got a Job
Chorus Girl
God Loves You, Palomino
Untitled (Tell Us a Story)
Building a Home
89 Turns 33
Magic Potion Ocean Tide
Nothing * full mp3 *

PHCDR008 released 2002.
20 copies pressed.

Juicy Melon Jim: Jim Harper (instruments, vocals).

Juicy Melon Gems collects a kinda "best of" assortment of recordings from Polyholiday's best 4-track artist, Juicy Melon Jim. This guy is a wizard with a Fostex. He absorbs music like a tampon and lets it flow like righteous, life-affirming afterbirth.

Jim was an early member of LMP, but they were too pop. Then he joined Tiny, but they were too rock. Then he formed Bendigo Shafter, and that was just right. But too short-lived. No band has really been able to harness his unique genius.

And so we have his 4-track albums. Someday we'll re-release them all; for now, this compilation introduces the Jim's Ass sound to a whole new generation.

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