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Bendigo Shafter
'Number One' cdr

   $5 PHCDR007

Two Bits in Years
Tether * full mp3 *
Fishing Purse
Jen Got a Job
God Loves You, Palomino
Oi School
Let's Ponder Chlorophyll
Disposable Gun > Bendigo Shafter #1

PHCDR007 recorded 1997, released 2002.
20 copies pressed.

Bendigo Shafter: Tom Garza (drums, percussion), Jim Harper (guitars, vocals), Lord Eric Haugen (bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion), Brian Runk (guitars, vocals).

Bendigo Shafter was together for a few months in early 1997, playing two shows in one weekend and recording this album, in ten hours, the following weekend. The band was a weird "supergroup"- type conglomeration headed up by Juciy Melon Jim, a former member of LMP and Tiny; Brian Runk, also from Tiny; "Tiny" Eric Haugen of LMP; and Tom Garza, drummer for a beguiling series of almost-famous bands incuding The Rave and Last Gentlemen.

The band's style veered from math-rock to southern-fried-boogie to noise-pop to calypso (?), frequently within the same song. The album, produced by Ryan Bassler of LMP, is surprisingly solid given its giddy, caffeinated overnight gestation.

It stands as Juicy Melon Jim's best band. Later, Jim and Eric joined Bender.

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