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Sheriff Derek
'No Breaks' cdr

   $5 PHCDR010

I Like it When People Are Nice to Me
Too Weak to Speak
Mr. Leoni
Wrong Way
I Don't Know
Sick All Night
Shut it Down
I Was Hit By a Car Today
I'm Still Fred * full mp3 *
Cilla Honey
Vanilla Moon Pie
Little Detective Friend
My Tongue Fell Out Today
Cowboys and Aliens
Silvery Moon
Busboy in Denial

PHCDR009 released 2002.
20 copies pressed.

Sheriff Derek: Derek Bahn (instruments, vocals).

Guest stars: Ryan Bassler, Brian Christiansen, Doug Calhoun, Jim Harper, Lord Eric Haugen, John Reyes.

No Breaks collects highlights from Sheriff Derek's long-out-of-print cassette releases, focussing on the "singles" and presenting Derek's songwriting for those who have never heard him.

Forever a loner and a loose cannon, Derek was a friend and sometime roommate of LMP, who frequently covered his songs in their live show back in the day. Derek's first band, Breaking Up, featured Lord Eric on drums and Juicy Melon Jim on bass. Later he formed Sheriff Derek & the Deputies, which morphed into Bender.

But it is on the merits of his 4-track years that we like to remember Derek. These songs are filled with uninhibited, childlike genius. As a special bonus, this disc includes the rare original demo of "Silvery Moon," never actually finished, yet covered by Evil Overlord Bassler. Is this all incestuous enough for you?

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