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After AfterM*A*S*H

Since I've been in LA, I've seen many celebrities, including "Tom Cruise," "Jennifer Aniston," "Jackie Chan," and even "Peter Horton." But even better than seeing a celebrity is coming across a rusted-out relic from the "M*A*S*H" set at the end of a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains! Unfortunately for me, moments after this photo was taken, "Gary Burghoff" approached me begging for change. He apparently has never left the place.

LMP is on a bit of a hiatus with me on the West Coast and Ryan back in Chicago, but we are aiming to finish our latest studio album this fall for an '08 release. Also, we have some songs being used in a bona fide Hollywood movie soon … details to follow.

Discography (solo)

Soma Sex Dreams, 2004 Mary Forrest Pretty Please, 2002 l8r sk8r, 2002 We Can Rebuild Him, 2002 The Breakup Record, 2001

Discography (LMP)

A Century of Song, 2004 Love Conquers Alda, 2003 Meeting Up and Making Friends, 2002 The New Body Language, 2001 Aunt Canada, 1996

Discography (other bands)

Wildcat of the Week - Threadbare and Wound Down, 2002 Bender - Who Wants to Rock?, 1998 Bendigo Shafter - Number One, 1997

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