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'Love Conquers Alda' cd

   $8 PHCD006

I Saw a Pair of Eyes
Our Birthday
Ding Dong * full mp3 *
Honey Honey Honey Honey
Show Some Heaven to Me Baby
May 25
Sugar Cone
Uptown Girl II
I Can't Hear the Music
Constant Pain
You Got to Have Faith in Love
PHCD006 released 2003.

La Musique Populaire: Ryan Bassler (instruments, vocals) and Eric Haugen (instruments, vocals).
Guest stars: B.O.B.B.Y.-IV (vocals on "Ding Dong"), Tom Garza (drums on "Honey Honey Honey Honey" and "Sugar Cone"), Sarah McKinney (vocals on "Show Some Heaven to Me Baby"), The NuFlapperz (vocals on "Sousaphone"), Dilip Trivedi (sousaphone on "Sousaphone", Xyylivia (vocals on "Ding Dong").

"Go out and buy this album right fucking now." – Splendid

"Varied, self-assured, and substantial." – Amplifier

"An amazing discovery … 12 of the best pop songs we listened to in 2004.
Highly recommended!!!" – poppolar

"The most beautiful music ever recorded." – Roctober

"A nearly flawless pastiche of orchestral pop, bubblegum, and soft-rock buoyed by superb songwriting." – Junkmedia

"Bedroom pop, but if the bedroom was in the basement of the Brill Building." – Indiepages

"These 12 songs need to be heard by all pop-lovin' ears." – Dagger

"Irresistibly catchy choruses that hook the listener with bubblegum-baited hooks and tales of doomed love." – Illinois Entertainer

"It sounds like someone dug up the rankest corpse in pop music history (the Taco record) and pumped 150,000 watts into its chest bringing it back from the dead." – Bee's Knees

"Long live pop music and long live LMP." – Edward Burch/Pamphlet Press

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