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'Misguided Missile' cdr


Every Wednesday Evening
One Through Eight
Floor Beneath My Feet
Yard Sale (Live on 'Talent Time' 11.16.04)
Synth Stomp
Standing In Line
Look Outside My Window
Giant Shoes
Joe Mama Besser

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PHCDR015 released 2004.

Walkathon is Ryan Bassler (instruments, drum machines, vocals) 

Ryan on 'Misguided Missile': I was incredibly jazzed about the NaSoAlMo when it was announced, but knew it meant possible hara-kiri - apart from starting some new contracts, we had a Green Bean show to premiere, the Centurybox was finally seeing a release, and a strange reoccuring paranoia that the floor in my place was caving in was burrowing into my brain.

By mid-month, I had yet to lay any tracks down, and only had a handful of song fragment demos recorded into my camera - I stuck by the rules that all content had to be newly written, so no jumping into the archives. The album had all been written off until the 27th or so, when Eric called and asked how mine was going, saying he was gonna hit the deadline regardless. Not wanting to stridently and cowardly bow out of a deal of sorts, I cranked out a song a night 'til the album was done. Yeah, I missed the deadline by a week and put an automatic asterisk in the record books, but I still listen to some of the tracks, which I wager is a good sign. Sometimes very positive for the muse to be able to bypass the internal ego filtering, ja?

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