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Meeting Up and Making Friends cdep

Meeting Up and Making Friends (2001)

Hot Pink Hot Pants
Sheila E.
Get Out! (from the motion picture 'Ghosts N' Goblins')
Join Us For Jazz
Mr. America

Meeting Up and Making Friends was the second cdep recorded and released during the ongoing sessions for A Century of Song. It highlights LMP's electro side as a complent to the stronger guitar focus of The New Body Language.

'Hot Pink Hot Pants' was conceived as a big-band song but ended up more like a video game song. The opening part is sung by computer-generated vocalists B.O.B.B.Y.-IV and LMP fan favorite Xyylivvia.

'Sheila E.' details the relationships between LMP and Sheila E., Master P, Prince, and Dr. Demento.

'Get Out!' is the supposed theme song to a theoretical 'Goonies'-like movie based on the Nintendo game 'Ghosts N' Goblins.' We regret to admit that the film does not actually exist.

'Join Us For Jazz' is a ballad about the phenomenon EVP, or ghostly voices.

''Mr. America' is a protest song the subject of which is unclear.

MP3's and ordering information available from polyholiday records.

MP3's and ordering information available at polyholiday.com/catalog.
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