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In the alternate universe where Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were the Beatles, LMP (la musique populaire) are, at the very least, the Raspberries. Their bubbly sweetboy nintendopop encompasses all styles, like a shiny new Brill Building on the Space Station Mir.

Stepbrothers Ryan Bassler and Eric Haugen embrace the possibilities of all musical styles coexisting happily in the same band. Sheltered away in their studio, maintaining minimal contact with the real world, and focusing simply on music that they like, LMP has inadvertently invented its own genre.

Are they the robopop Difford and Tilbrook? The thinking person's bubblegum? "The Emo Diaries" for Commodore VIC20? The new Cantina Band? Inside jokers lost in the meandering vacuum of their own chicanery?

Welcome to the private sound universe of LMP (la musique populaire), where it is always late summer 1986.

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