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3 October 2007
What's new with LMP?

2007 has been a bit of a quiet year for us, with Eric relocating to LA for a j-o-b and Ryan concentrating on his charity organization, "Drugs For Drugs." But we were honored to see someone bothering to create a Wikipedia entry for LMP as well as one for A Century of Song!

We have a bunch of stuff in the pipeline, including our proper studio follow-up to Love Conquers Alda, some archival releases, and the return of our supposedly "monthly" podcasts, of which we made one some month long ago.

Also, we'll share details on a movie that is using several LMP songs in its soundtrack … stay tuned. And as all LMP fans know, that means "Exciting shit about to happen! Either tomorrow or a year from now!"

27 July 2006
LMP become "Tiny Idols"

LMP's "Beautiful Noise" leads off a sweet l'il comp of neglected and forgotten 90s pop gems, Tiny Idols Vol. 2. Check it out!

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