"I do what I like. I set about selling it afterwards."
- Mervyn Peake

Polyholiday Records is the boutique label of LMP (la musique populaire) and their extended family of talented crackpots. We are about the vigorous pursuit of personal art. It takes many forms. We accommodate them all.

The Polyholiday scene is a series of bedroom and basement studios. Some of us do go out into the real world from time to time, but it's mainly to get more material to write songs about.

We have to put out the music we hear in our heads. We keep at it despite epic finiancial loss. We are not sure if this makes us performance artists or gambling addicts.

Polyholiday started as a cassette label, and now the cdr and home-recording boom has allowed us to reach our real potential with Polyholiday Homemade. Most of our releases are done in editions of 10 or 20 copies. It is of the moment. It is yours to have, secret and special. Then, on to the next one.

Polyholiday Homemade is the heart of the label, but we also put out larger pressings of real cd's – mostly the latest LMP endeavors because those are what sell. You know how some people say they have champagne tastes and a beer budget? We have 'Tusk' tastes and a 'McCartney II' budget.

Our stuff is personal, but it's not arbitrary and we're not just stroking our own egos. We don't release something if we don't believe in it. Everything we do is made with love. That's right: love. Maybe your parents couldn't show it, but we can!

Feedback, questions, comments, concerns, issues, crushes?
Contact label at polyholiday.com.

P.S. NO DEMOS, please.

"Music is Good, since 1993."
Life's a Polyholiday!

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